Born and raised in the Philippines to parents who owned their own production studio, Jo Macaldo entered the world with full video and still documentation. It was no surprise when she expressed interest to be in front of the camera at age 6, but her parents told her, "A career in the arts won't guarantee financial stability! You can pursue it as a hobby, but what do you think about being a lawyer or a doctor?" Jo thought about pursuing law, but at age 8, piano, hula and ballet lessons were more of a reach than law school.

Dance began as an after-school activity, but the performance bug grew in her through the years. Jo realized that if she were to pursue her passion in the arts, she had to find a way to satisfy her very Filipino parents' constitutional right to demand higher learning from their only daughter. She found the happy medium at Harvard University as she pursued a degree in Dramatic Arts. Under the tutelage of American Repertory Theater's artistic staff at Harvard, Jo honed her craft to prepare her for the professional stage.

Currently based in New York City, Jo continues to dedicate herself in her craft. Her projects/performances reflect an unabashed need to tell a story truthfully. Everything you need to know about her is in her acting, dancing and writing/producing, all of which she tries to document in film or pictures.


DANCING. Her main style is contemporary/lyrical, but she loves and does ballet, commercial/street jazz, hip-hop, theater dance, and Latin ballroom. She's getting into aerial work/dancing now because she feels the need to work on her core, if only to have the required upper body strength to push a revolving door.
BOOKS. She reads everything from the history and mythology of Ancient Runes to British chick lit and Chaucer in Middle English. Historical fiction, Egyptian/Greek/Roman mythologies, and vampire/Wiccan fiction are on top of her reading list.